Latest Bout:
7/22/2023 Burning River: All Stars 209 vs Windy City: Third Coast 166
7/22/2023 Burning River: Haz-Mat Crew 99 vs South Bend 269
WFTDA International Rankings

Latest Bout:
7/22/2023 Burning River: All Stars 209 vs Windy City: Third Coast 166
7/22/2023 Burning River: Haz-Mat Crew 99 vs South Bend 269
WFTDA International Rankings


Skater Name: domiKNITrix
What do your fellow skaters call you?: Knitty, it’s easier to yell.


Q:What first attracted you to BRRG?
I first heard about derby being played in Euclid a couple years ago.  I didn’t actually make it to a game until the first one at Wolstein. I loved it! Around the same time, I learned about the wRECk league and went to practice the next week. After my first practice, I was hooked.

Q:What did you think, watching your first derby practice as a recruitee?
I thought, “I hope I can be half as good at that!” Watching derby and all the skills involved is great. Actually attempting to perform them is definitely humbling.

The First Pyromaniacs Class!

Q:How cool is it that you’re on the first ever roster for the all new Pyromaniacs
It’s very cool! When we came in as such a large group of new recruits, or Fresh Meat, everyone was worried what the league would do with all of us. Worried that if we weren’t drafted at first, we would have lost our chance to play. After all those months of training and investing your time and heart into it, that would have been overwhelmingly disappointing. I’m really happy that the league has been so receptive to the all the new people, the changes, the new farm team, and established our own practices. It gives us a chance to continue to skate, practice, and learn on a higher level than just as Fresh Meat. And it keeps the chance to be drafted alive, instead of having to wait until another open recruitment, and skating on our own.

Q:What are you looking forward to most in season 5?
I think being involved for a season, versus being a spectator. Black and Blue was so exciting and so much fun, I can’t wait for an entire season.

Q:What has been your most humbling moment in derby, so far?
I had been practicing with wRECk league, where they teach us to hit at 50% intensity, so no new people get hurt. When I took my first, real, full-on hit from a vet, I knew I had some work to do.

Q:What message do you try to convey to your daughter, and the other Jr. Derby Skaters?
With Bean Machine, it’s been all about working hard and perseverance. She sometimes comes to watch league practice, and sees how hard everyone is working. She knows the time commitment involved. She has learned for herself that sometimes you can fall, and it really hurts. But you take a minute or the time you need, and get back into the next play or game. Perseverance especially. Of course, the first draft was disappointing, and we weren’t sure what would happen yet. (Pyros!! ) She was able to witness all the Pyromaniacs get excited, get disappointed, and then get over it and back to work and practice. I think that’s a pretty good lesson.

Q:What does your daughter think about you being a derby skater?
I asked and she said, “it’s sooooo cool.”

BRRG at Race for the Cure


Q:Which opponent leaves you shaking in your skate boots?
I think I might finally be over actually shaking when its scrimmage time. Maybe. But I’ve learned there are several people who are going to hit me very hard, like Take Out. And so far, I have never, ever been able to get past Halo once she is in my way.

Q:What has been your biggest challenge in derby so far?
My biggest challenge is time management. Trying to fit in practices, meetings, volunteering, being a single mom and working full-time is hard. Plus a daughter who play derby herself!

Q:Tell our fans: 1 fun fact about you.
You can’t normally see my tattoos, but for one of the tattoos that I have, I am a “word” in Shelley Jackson’s “Skin” project, which is a story published on the skin of over 2000 volunteers.