Latest Bout:
4/30/2023 Burning River 365 vs Violet Femmes 75

Latest Bout:
4/30/2023 Burning River 365 vs Violet Femmes 75

So in the past week, the Burning River All-Stars have played two bouts, our Pyromaniacs had their first bout at the Wolstein Center against the first away team we’ve ever hosted in that venue, and our four home teams completed Bout 2 of the season.

Oh my!

Let’s start with a rundown of the scores. Then we have a recap of the Burning River All-Stars bout against Derby City March 24. We’ll have recaps of the March 31 bouts later in the week, so check back for details.

March 24
Burning River All Stars, 261
Derby City Rollergirls, 101

March 25
Dutchland Derby Rollers, 177
Burning River All-Stars, 105

March 31
Sandusky Roller Girls, 79
Pyromaniacs, 15

Rolling Pin-Ups, 188
Cleveland Steamers, 34

Hellbombers, 132
Hard Knockers, 78

On March 24, the Burning River All-Stars traveled to Kentucky to take on the Derby City Rollergirls.
The bout was largely characterized by stunning defense from the BRRG, really fast packs and loads of power jams.
The first two jams were power jams for BRRG with the Killustrator and Maul-ibu Barbie  starting off the game 31 to 0.  A few jams later DCRG had a 14-point power jam, which brought the score to 60-18.
The evening continued with plenty of power jams on both sides as jammers kept getting sent to the penalty box. BRRG was able to effectively kill some of the DCRG power jams by racing to the front of the pack and out-skating the other team’s jammer.
The Burning River defense dominated the game, partially because of the team’s repeated use of scrum starts with  BRRG holding the opposing jammer consistently at the back of the pack with a devastating three-wall.  The defense swarmed the jammer consistently right off the jammer line.
Halftime score was BRRG,  135 to DCRG, 48.
DCRG started the second half of the game strong scoring a quick 8 points and holding BRRG to 0 points in the first three jams.  But Burning River quickly adjusted, and a few jams later the Killustrator and Mary Kaos, in her All-Star debut bout, brought the score to 166 to 64.
Again the BRRG defense dominated with Hidden Ajennda and Ivanna Destroya effectively holding off the jammers.
Halfway through the second half the Derby City Girls pulled off a successful star pass from #6 Celia Graves lining up on the jammer line and passing the star helmet cover to #23 Little Rage of Sunshine.
Final Score Burning River, 261 to Derby City, 101.

(Thank you to Sweet Heart-Attack for providing updates from the Derby City bout).

Thank you to Derby City for hosting us in this very exciting match-up!