How long have you been skating?

2017 is my 5th season!

What is your favorite derby moment?

Winning the Hazard cup Season 8 with the Rolling Pin-Ups.

What is your pre-bout routine? Any rituals?

I usually just relax, eat a few healthy meals, hydrate, and work a yoga session in to keep my anxiety down and my muscles stretched.

What does your derby name mean?

A maloik is an Italian curse. You’ll hear people say “someone put the maloik on me!” if they are having a bad luck streak.

How important is derby in your life?

Derby is my stress release. I have a very demanding career with crazy hours, so derby helps bring some fun back into my life. It’s also very important to me because of the amazing friendships that have formed over the past few years. Ive made some of THE worlds best friends in this league!

What advice would you give to someone looking to begin their roller derby career?

Get involved, start talking to league members, take advice, and go skate any chance you get!