Killer Queen

Killer Queen

Killer Queen



How long have you been skating?

This is my 4th season

What is your favorite derby moment?

My favorite derby moment was probably at Beaver Fever this last year. We were low in numbers and skated some of the best games I had seen us skate last season. 5 of our teammates had fouled out (wooooppppssss) and cheered us on with their shirts up during the last few minutes of a game. I loved it.

What is your pre-bout routine? Any rituals?

I always drink a Monster and do my bout makeup. That’s about it.

What does your derby name mean?

Killer Queen is a Queen song. I’m obsessed with Freddie Mercury.

How important is derby in your life?

Derby is very important in my life. Through derby I’ve gained a more body positive image, confidence, strength and so many great friends. It pushes me into different roles each season and challenges me to always be better.

What advice would you give to someone looking to begin their roller derby career?

It is super difficult at first. I had no idea how to quad skate let alone hit someone while in motion. You have so many people behind you willing to teach you and support you. It is the most welcoming group of people I have ever met. You can do it.

Anything else we should know about you?

I’m married to one of my teammates đŸ˜‰