Hermione Deranger

Hermione Deranger

Hermione Deranger



How long have you been skating?

Since September 2016!

What is your favorite derby moment?

Winning the Fresh Mates round of Full Contact Musical Chairs at this year’s Black and Blue. It was such a rush!

What is your pre-bout routine? Any rituals?

I haven’t bouted yet; tune in next season!

What does your derby name mean?

I’m a huge Potterhead – I wrote a pretty cool thesis on Harry Potter fan communities (ask me about it sometime, I’ll talk your ear off) – so I wanted a name to reflect that.

How important is derby in your life?

Even though I just started a few months ago, it’s already so important to me. I love competing and all of the skaters are so much fun to be around.

What advice would you give to someone looking to begin their roller derby career?

Be patient with yourself. Especially when you’re just starting, it can feel like you’re not picking up anything quickly enough. Celebrate the strides you’ve made and focus on the positives.

Anything else we should know about you?

I play the trumpet love to craft!