Dear Burning River Roller Derby Fans,

We are so excited to join Burning River Roller Derby as new skaters in Season 10! Since Black & Blue 10, where you saw us taking one another down in full contact musical chairs, we’ve been working our butts off to pass the minimum skills test. We can’t wait to get started with gameplay soon and learn everything that goes along with becoming roller derby rockstars.


Derby already means so much to us, from helping us feel strong and empowered to building friendships and community. Of course, we couldn’t list the things we love about derby without mentioning the delight we get from skating fast and bashing into one another!

As we’ve been adopted into the league it’s been amazing how much coaching and encouragement we’ve received from the veteran skaters. With the support from vets, one another, and you all, our fans, it’s only a matter of time before we are scoring all the points and making all the blocks.

Hugs and hits,

Bizkits ‘n’ Crazy, Caffiend, Demona Driver, Dottie HitSomeone, Heathen, Marilyn Monroller, and Sarah-bellum