BRRD kicked off its 10th season with Black and Blue 10 on November 21, 2015. Black and Blue is an annual charity bout in which the league splits up into two teams – Black and Blue – to play each other and raise money for a specific cause. This year, each team supported a different cause, all of which are very important to the league. Team Black skated in support of MADD and Team Blue skated for Milestones Autism Resources and Autism Speaks.

The bout itself was very closely matched and full of surprises! Team Black dominated most of the bout, and it seemed like they would win until the very last seconds of the game. With barely any time left, Coco Sparks, Burning River’s own Derby Queen, capitalized on a power jam to score an amazing 29 points and lead the blue team to victory by one point. The final score was 172-173.


In addition to inaugurating Burning River’s tenth year in existence, Black and Blue 10 was a special occasion for many reasons. The evening started with a  ceremony before the bout to retire the numbers of two dearly departed BRRD skaters, Luna Lovewound #329 and “Rage”ing Blockoholic #40oz. Both Luna and Rage were amazing athletes and amazing people. They are sorely missed by everyone who knew them, both within and outside of the league.

This year’s event also featured Throwback Musical Chairs in addition to the traditional Full Contact Musical Chairs competition for freshmeat and transfers. Throwback Musical Chairs pitted veteran and alumni skaters against each other in four rounds of stiff competition, with Showboat coming out on top. Ice Ice Abby took home the title for the freshmeat and transfer field.

All in all, Black and Blue 10 was a great success, and we want to thank all our fans who made it out! Your support is what keeps us rolling. We plan on keeping the high energy going as Season 10 gets into full swing in 2016! Stay tuned for updates – this season will not be one to miss!

(Photo Credit Dave Brown,