Huge hits, lead changes galore and a tied game that went into overtime — if you weren’t at the Burning River Roller Girls’ third home team bout, you missed out on one heck of an exciting night of roller derby.

The third double-header of the home season kicked off with a rousing rendition of the National Anthem by our very own West Nel Virus of the Cleveland Steamers and William Maullace, ref extraordinaire.

Then the skaters took the track for a fast-paced game pitting the Rolling Pin-Ups against last year’s Hazard Cup champs the Hellbombers. The Pin-Ups took the lead early and kept it for most of the game until the Bombers caught up toward the tail end of the second half.  At the end of the last jam, the score was tied meaning the game went into the rare unicorn that is the overtime jam! (A quick refresher for those who haven’t seen it in a while — in overtime, the jam goes the full two minutes and there is no lead jammer.) Despite a hard fight and a star pass from Pin-Up jammer …ooohSHINEE!, the Bombers pulled it off and won 154 to 149. MVPs were Mary Kaos (MVP Jammer) and Sparkles (MVP Blocker) for the Bombers, and Lulu (MVP Jammer) and x-TRON-x(MVP Blocker) for the Pin-Ups.

After the half time entertainment (the otherworldly sounds of a musical saw player) and a brief delay while helmet covers were procured, the Hard Knockers faced off against the Cleveland Steamers in the second bout of the evening. Despite a quick lead by the Steamers, the girls in pink snatched it away by the half.  It was a revolving door in the penalty box as both team’s jammers took turns sitting for a minute for much of the second half, but the Knockers never let that lead close and took the win 158 to 114. MVPs were Premo Donna (MVP Jammer) and Vendetta Farfalle (MVP Blocker) for the Knockers, and CupQuake (MVP Jammer) and Buddhalicious (MVP Blocker) for the Steamers.

After all that, you’re dying to know the Semi-finals match-ups now, right? Since this bout’s outcomes resulted in a three-way tie between the Knockers, Bombers and Pin-Ups, score differentials were used as the tiebreaker. The Semi-finals, on June 22 at the Ohio Nets Sports Complex, will be game one: the Hard Knockers (3rd place) vs. the Hellbombers (2nd place), and game two: the Rolling Pin-Ups (1st place) vs. the Cleveland Steamers (4th place.)   Get your tickets here!!! Winners from each game go skate to skate for the Hazard Cup in our Championship bout. Will the Knockers beat the Bombers for a second time this season and go on to the Championship for the first time since our first season? Can the Steamers sink the competition and pull an upset on the Pin-Ups? You’ll just have to be there this Saturday,  June 22 to find out.

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