Latest Bout:
2/23/2020 Cornfed 150 vs Burning River 169

Latest Bout:
2/23/2020 Cornfed 150 vs Burning River 169

It’s almost here.  Black & Blue 7 is a mere 3 days away!  And that means we are 3 days closer to Full Contact Musical Chairs halftime show!  I caught up with …oohSHINEE! recently to ask her a few questions about her victory.
Katniss Evermean: Did you get any pointers from other skaters before going into musical chairs?
…oooh SHINEE!: I Remember watching prior years on YouTube and I’m sure I asked advice but I don’t remember what I was told. Once I went out there, everything escapes your head and you just go for it.

KE: Are there any strategies you would recommend to the freshies skating this weekend?

oS: I would suggest getting a pair of receiver gloves to help with grip on chairs. And if you make it through the rounds and down to 3 or 4 skaters, go for the skaters first then the chair.

KE: How did you calm your pre-musical chairs jitters?
oS: I am the most nervous person, i never calmed them. I was so nervous up until we started but once the music started I forgot my nerves and just tried to win.
KE: How did you feel in those last moments before you were declared the winner?
oS: Tired!  Didn’t realize how much it would take out of me. I was so excited once I won, but so tired that the next thing I knew, I was on the ground because of the dog pile from my fellow new recruits!
KE: Any injuries from musical chairs?

oS: Bruising, bruising, and more bruising.  The next day my inner thighs looked like they were beat with a bat. I think a lot of the girls had the same marks from trying to clench the chairs.

KE: The Class of 2011 Fresh Meat  were a pretty close group. Did you have any qualms about destroying them to win the sash, tiara and scepter?

oS: Last year it was said multiple times that musical chairs was the most entertaining and most aggressive since they started doing the halftime show. The 2011 Fresh Meat were and still are a close group of girls that respect each other, but on that night there were agreements that we were going to go all out and not hold back. There was one moment when Hallie Tosis had her legs wrapped around me and  she was kicking my arm saying let go as I continuously said “I Loves You.” Even though we beat up on each other we still all had fun and didn’t hold any grudges. We all went out to the after party and had drinks together.
…oooh SHINEE! was drafted to the Rolling Pin-Ups and also plays for the Burning River All-Stars.  She was voted Rookie of the Year for the Pin-Ups, All-Stars, and the league.  Come and see her crown a new Musical Chairs Champion this Saturday, December 1 at the  Ohio Nets Sports Complex 12665 Corporate Drive, Parma, OH 44130.  Doors open at 6 p.m. / Bout begins at 7 p.m.  There’s still time to purchase your tickets in advance for $12 at Brown Paper Tickets or at the door for $15.  Hope to see you there!