Latest Bout:
7/22/2023 Burning River: All Stars 209 vs Windy City: Third Coast 166
7/22/2023 Burning River: Haz-Mat Crew 99 vs South Bend 269
WFTDA International Rankings

Latest Bout:
7/22/2023 Burning River: All Stars 209 vs Windy City: Third Coast 166
7/22/2023 Burning River: Haz-Mat Crew 99 vs South Bend 269
WFTDA International Rankings

March 31 was a spectacular day for roller derby at the Wolstein Center. The evening opened with two firsts for the Burning River Roller Girls, as the BRRG Pyromaniacs took on the Sandusky Roller Girls in 30-minute pre-show bout.

Pyromaniacs vs. Sandusky
This was the first public bout for the Pyromaniacs, the Burning River team from which we draft players to the other teams. It also was the first time we’ve hosted an outside league to compete against us at the Wolstein Center.

Both teams fought hard, with two interesting players of note on the track who had to play against their former teams. Doctor Whooha of the Hellbombers, a transfer skater this past year from the Sandusky Roller Girls, stepped in the fill out the roster for the Pyromaniacs, while Halochic was wearing gold for Sandusky instead of her former team, the Cleveland Steamers.

It was a great debut for the Pyromaniacs. Social Batterfly made a strong showing jamming for the Pyromaniacs, while little miss philthy worked some solid strategic blocks to clear the way for her jammers.

But it wasn’t enough to hold the likes of Halochic and Truffle Shuffle of Sandusky at bay. Sandusky went home with the win, 79-15.

Ms. Creant of the Steamers keeps an eye on oooh Shinee of the Pin-Ups as she tries to make it through the pack.

Rolling Pin-Ups vs. Cleveland Steamers
It was anyone’s bout in the first half for the Cleveland Steamers and Rolling Pin-Ups. Mauli-ibu Barbie of the Cleveland Steamers won the honor of first lead jammer of the night and put up two points for her team.

But the Pin-Ups wouldn’t let them keep the lead and rounded out the half with a score of 56-23.

The Pin-Ups came out blazing in the second half, determined to protect that lead, with Punkd Pixie immediately posting a 19-point jam, followed closely by a 20-point jam from oooh Shinee and another 19-point jam from Pixie.

Despite some strong defensive efforts from Dita and Rainbow Fright of the Steamers, the Pin-Ups could not be held back and won the game 188-34.

Mary Kaos of the Hellbombers bursts out of the pack.

Hellbombers vs.  Hard Knockers
Once again, the Hard Knockers played some excellent derby, making for a close, exciting and very tense match-up, this time against the Hellbombers.

The Hard Knockers’ Premo Donna  put up the first three points of the game. The ladies in pink were able to keep the Hellbombers score to only one point for the first seven jams. 

While the Hellbombers were able to creep their way back up, tying the game at 25-25 with 9 minutes left, the Hard Knockers would successfully keep the Hellbombers scoreless for the rest of the half, rounding out the period at 43-25.

But the Hellbombers came out of the locker room in the second half a new team. In the first jam of the second half, Mary Kaos put up 20 points for the Hellbombers, changing the lead in her team’s favor.

A 25-point jam by Your Royal Majesty, followed by more double-digit jams by Marion Razorwound and Kaos, sealed the victory for the Hellbombers, despite a continued strong showing from the Knockers. Hellbombers win 132-78.

Join us for more derby April 21 as the Cleveland Steamers face off against the Hard Knockers, and the Pin-Ups take on the Hellbombers. Winners of this bout will determine line-ups for the semifinals, May 5.

Cleveland Steamers
Jammer: the Killustrator
Pivot: Maul-ibu Barbie
Blocker: Beatrix Wicked

Rolling Pin-ups
Jammer: Mae Burnya
Pivot: J.Poww!
Blocker: decibelle

Hark Knockers
Jammer: Premo Donna
Pivot: Vendetta Farfalle
Blocker: Finnish-Her

Jammer: Mary Kaos
Pivot: Destroya
Blocker: Your Royal Majesty