Latest Bout:
2/23/2020 Cornfed 150 vs Burning River 169

Latest Bout:
2/23/2020 Cornfed 150 vs Burning River 169

Happy New Year, everyone!
To ring in 2012, the Burning River Roller Girls will host tryouts later this month.

There also will be a bootcamp three weeks before the tryouts to see where you stand with your skating and derby skills. You will be given feedback as to what needs work in order to pass the January tryout.

However, if you are interested in attending the bootcamp or trying out, YOU MUST RSVP TO BOTH BY SENDING RECRUITING AN EMAIL TO CONFIRM. We are not making the dates for these events public, so if you have any interest at all, you must email ASAP to get the dates and times for theses events.

Do it now.

Seriously. Right now.

If you don’t, these dates might pass you by.

Skaters trying out in January need to be ready to be immediately added to the farm team, The Pyromaniacs, as well as jump into league practices where BRRG skaters are in full-swing, training hard for both the travel and home season that is about to start. Due to this, skaters will have to pass a skills test at a higher level than those trying out in the post-season.

For more information about what skills you should be working on, what kind of gear you need, and what to expect if you make it on to the league, visit

Can’t try out this month? Email anyway. You’ll be added to our recruiting email list and be kept in the loop on future tryouts. You’ll also have a direct link to our recruiting director, Soul Eater, and her wealth of information about how to mentally and physically prepare yourself to become a derby girl.

So what are you waiting for? Take the first step to making 2012 your year!