Latest Bout:
4/30/2023 Burning River 365 vs Violet Femmes 75

Latest Bout:
4/30/2023 Burning River 365 vs Violet Femmes 75

Are you a woman 18 or older?

Ever wonder what a roller derby practice is like? What kind of gear do you need? How do you get started? What kind of skills should you be working on to become a roller girl?

All these questions and more will be answered this Sunday, Dec. 4.

Women interested in more information about joining the Burning River Roller Girls are invited to watch our league practice Sunday morning. THIS IS ONLY TO WATCH, so no gear required. We cannot allow you to skate with us, sadly, as league practice is only available to league members that skate under our league insurance.

Recruiting Director Soul Eater will be there to answer all of your questions, explain drills, etc.

Who: Women interested in joining the Burning River Roller Girls
What: Recruitment Event: Watch a BRRG Practice
When: Sunday, Dec. 4, 10 a.m. – noon
Where: Pla-Mor Roller Rink, 22466 Shore Center Dr., Euclid, OH 44123

Check out more details on the Facebook event page.

Many of us got introduced to the league at events just like this one. You have to start somewhere! Join us this Sunday, and, who knows, it might be the beginning of something new and exciting in your life!

Can’t make it this Sunday? Make sure you get on our recruiting email list and get tons of great information about tryouts, recruitment events and how you can prepare. Email