Latest Bout:
4/30/2023 Burning River 365 vs Violet Femmes 75

Latest Bout:
4/30/2023 Burning River 365 vs Violet Femmes 75

The Firestarters Junior Roller Derby League bouted during the preshow for Black & Blue 6.

Black & Blue 6 took place Nov. 19 at the Wolstein Center, and fans and skaters agree it was one of the most exciting B&Bs to date.

The Firestarters bouted first during the preshow, splitting into teams Black and Pink.  

Great blocking and awesome strategy were used by the junior derby league.  Team Black won 43 to 39.  Take a look here at one particularly exciting jam.

Next up, the Burning River Roller Girls divided into Team Black vs. Team Blue.  The skaters took off their regular team colors and, in some cases, traded in their skater names for new ones and thrilled the fans with an action-packed night.  

Bi-Polar Bear (The Killustrator) of Team Black scared the crowd with an early injury (but thankfully she came back a few jams later).

Also for Team Black, Maul-ibu Barbie, a new transfer to the Burning River Roller Girls, made a great first impression on the crowd with her quick and wily jamming skills.  

Team Black took an early lead, but at the last whistle in the first half, the scoreboard read 40 -43 in favor of Team Blue.

Halftime was no time to relax and grab a beer. It was the moment many waited for all year long — full-contact musical chairs!  The newest members of the Pyromaniacs, BRRG’s farm team, were divided into two teams (you guessed it, Team Black and Team Blue) and battled for the honor of claiming the final chair.  Pinching, kicking,  pushing, you name it, the new recruits were feisty!


After determining the final six, the skaters fought it out for the sash, tiara and pink wand!  Watch …oooh SHINEE! vs. Kelly Wilms in the final round!


...oooh SHINEE! is presented the Musical Chairs crown from last year's winner Bad Mooney Rising.

And …oooh SHINEE! wins!

It was hard to believe there was still more derby after such an exciting halftime show!  A power jam started the second half, allowing Team Blue to maintain the lead.

With 17 minutes left, Blue had a 10-point lead, and the spread continued to grow when Team Black’s Premo Donna was sent to Jammer Jail for a penalty.

Boots had a stellar jam for Team Blue, as she scored 20 points, increasing Team Blue’s lead to 95-65. “It’s like she’s got wheels on her feet,” one announcer declared.

Mae Burnya rounds the track.

But Team Black closed the gap again, and at the 2.5-minute mark there was an 11-point spread.  Team Black jammer Mae Burnya was sent to the penalty box, but the pack held back Team Blue jammer Hellz Kellz, and Burnya was able to round up some more points when she re-entered the jam.

Team Blue took a time out before the last jam with a score of  97, Blue to 91, Black.  Maul-ibu Barbie jammed for Team Black and Pixie Lou for Team Blue, and the jam ended with a dispute in points for a finale that had fans on their feet.

Ultimately, the officials awarded eight points to each team, and Team Blue was declared the winner.  Final score 105-99.

Team Blue and guest coach Robert Deadford show off their trophy!

Thank you to all of the fans who made this charity bout successful!  We’ll soon be announcing how much money was donated to Susan G. Komen for the Cure Northeast Ohio. 

And we’re looking forward to seeing everyone again as we kick off Season 6 in March! Don’t forget to save yourself a lot of money by buying your 2012 Season Passes now!