Latest Bout:
7/22/2023 Burning River: All Stars 209 vs Windy City: Third Coast 166
7/22/2023 Burning River: Haz-Mat Crew 99 vs South Bend 269
WFTDA International Rankings

Latest Bout:
7/22/2023 Burning River: All Stars 209 vs Windy City: Third Coast 166
7/22/2023 Burning River: Haz-Mat Crew 99 vs South Bend 269
WFTDA International Rankings

x-TRON-x goes in for a block on The Eduskater.

Skater name: x-TRON-x
Team: The Rolling Pin-Ups

How did you get into derby?
It’s all Death Proof’s fault. In 2008, she saw the Plain Dealer article about the league. She asked me to tag along to the April bout at the North Olmstead Soccer Sportsplex. While watching, we were smiling ear to ear and knew we wanted to do this. We contacted Soul Eater, the recruiting director, and she pointed us toward Skater’s Edge to get the proper gear. We started that April going to the open skate sessions at the United Skates roller rink. Back then, the league would do a half hour warm up during the public open skate session. That was as close as we were allowed to get to skating with the league until the August registration.

What has surprised you about derby?
The amount of time and energy everyone spends is amazing. As recruiting director, Soul Eater was very diligent in letting me know how much time was required when you join derby. Even today, I‘m still surprised how much time members dedicate to the sport.

How did it feel to be the only team other than the Hellbombers to win the Hazard Cup?
Wow, just wow!
That was such a hard-fought game. The Rolling Pin-Ups were down 48-24 at half time. The Pin-Up blockers were able to hold back The Hellbombers, only letting them get 17 points for the entire second half. Punkd Pixie and Professor Booty (Booty was a Pin-Up previously) each scored double digits in back-to-back jams. It was so exciting. 


What’s your day job?
Electrical Engineer – currently doing double duty as a research and development member for one engineering team and a manager of a small production group that handles special customer modification requests.

What’s your biggest challenge in derby?
My biggest challenge is finding a balance with my time.
So much time goes into becoming a better player, that I often neglect my family and my non-derby friends. The guilt eventually rises to the point where I switch priorities. Unfortunately, when I have a bad game or even a bad practice, I switch priorities again to becoming a better player. It has been an ongoing struggle for which I haven’t yet found an acceptable solution.

Whose your personal derby crush in BRRG or the extended Derbyverse?
The one skater I find myself stopping to watch when possible is Quadzilla. 
He was one of the first instructors I had at the 2009 Blood and Thunder Boot Camp in San Diego. He was serious, but he found a way to make learning his drills fun. Seeing how agile and comfortable he is on his skates is something I can only admire.

Before joining derby, you would have never seen this color on x-TRON-x.

Tell us a fun fact about you.
I didn’t own green clothing until I was drafted to The Rolling Pin-Ups.

What position do you like to play?
I like blocker because I do my best as a blocker. I also like to play jammer, but jamming is my weakest ability, so I only do it during scrimmages that don’t count for any team rankings.

Anyone you want to thank or give a shot out to?
My sister, Danielle.  She was so involved and excited when I started roller derby.  She is a creative force and volunteered her time and talents to the league. She was involved in creating our 2008  and 2009 trading cards, as well as some posters promoting The Burning River Roller Girls.