Latest Bout:
2/23/2020 Cornfed 150 vs Burning River 169

Latest Bout:
2/23/2020 Cornfed 150 vs Burning River 169

Season 5 for the Burning River Roller Girls came to a close July 16 with the four home teams hungry to rank as high as possible and the Hellbombers reclaiming their title as the Hazard Cup Champions.

The Knockers try to hold back Halochic as she jams.

In a fight for third place, the Hard Knockers took a strong early lead in the first 10 minutes against the Cleveland Steamers. Despite a series of power jams for both teams, the first half closed with Hard Knockers 103 to Cleveland Steamers 58.

After the Disco Glitter halftime act, the teams came back to the floor. Hard Knockers brought back the slow derby strategy that gave them such a great advantage over the Steamers in Game 2 of the season and finished the bout with a score of Hard Knockers 225, Cleveland Steamers 86.

Punkd Pixie puts a stop to Sparkles.

The Hazard Cup Championship bout opened with Hellbombers and Rolling Pin-Ups veterans Sparkles and Eva Lucien at the jammer line. Eva scored the only point of the first three jams.

In Jam 5, Eva and Sparkles were again facing off at the jammer line. This time Sparkles scored the Hellbombers first 3 points of the bout. Eduskater solidified the Hellbombers’ lead with 10 more points.

Early in the second half, Punkd Pixie gave Pin-Ups fans hope in Jam 2 by scoring 20 points before Bomber jammer Eduskater’s initial pass through the pack, bringing the score to a nail-biting Bombers 47, Pin-Ups 42.

The Hellbombers win the 2011 Hazard Cup Championships.

Each team had several chances for big scores in a series of power jams. Marion Razorwound took full advantage, scoring high each time she had the power jam opportunity. But, twice the Bombers’ defense held the Pin-Ups back from scoring, despite having the only jammer on the track.

In the end it was a close score of Hellbombers 112 to Pin-ups 84.