Latest Bout:
2/23/2020 Cornfed 150 vs Burning River 169

Latest Bout:
2/23/2020 Cornfed 150 vs Burning River 169

Hidden Ajennda

Skater Name: Hidden Ajennda
AKA: Ajennda, Jennda

Q:Would you say that you’ve gotten anything unexpected out of derby?
Right now I have some unexpectedly sore muscles from a recent All-Stars practice (thanks RE!). Seriously, I really didn’t expect to find such an awesome and diverse group of women to spend my spare time with. People that push me day in and day out to be a better skater and athlete.

Q:Do you have a derby mentor?
At this point, I’d have to say Eva Lucien. I have a lot of respect for her both as a skater and a person. She’s taught me a lot, and I’m proud to call her my teammate and friend.

Q:Were there any “ah ha!” moments for you in your first season?
Not really. First season I just tried to be where people told me to be, or needed me to be. Any ah-ha moments I’ve had recently just reinforce the depth of the game, and how much I still need to learn –it’s pretty humbling, actually.

Q:The All-Stars are heading back to BrewHaha in Milwaukee again soon. What do you think is going to be different about this year?
I think the Killustrator and I will take down Professor Booty and Eva as the reigning Chicken-fight champs. Have you seen Killy’s muscles lately – odds are definitely in our favor!

Q:Do you have any goals as you prepare for the tournament?
More than anything, I want to be effective and helpful wherever the team needs me; I want to contribute to the success of our team.

Q:Is there another league that you would love to play one day?
I don’t think it’s a big secret I have a crush on Detroit.

Q:What bit of advice do you have for girls out there that are on the fence about joining derby?
Get on our recruiting list, talk to some derby girls, and come to some of the BRRG events. When the time is right, you’ll know it.

Q:What do you do for fun when you’re not doing derby?
There’s not much time for anything outside of derby, but when I get the chance, I like to be active and spend time with my friends.