Founded in 2006, BRRD has four home [intraleague] teams: Cleveland Steamers, Hard Knockers, Hellbombers and Rolling Pin-Ups (currently on hiatus), that compete each season for the right to claim the Championship and Hazard Cup Trophy. Once they are part of the Burning River Roller Derby, skaters are placed on the Pyromaniacs, the “farm” team from which home teams within the league may draft skaters. They play interleague bouts against teams from other cities. They are eligible to try out for our travel teams, but they also remain on the Pyromaniacs until drafted to a home team. In 2007 BRRG formed the Burning River All-Stars, the travel team comprising our best skaters to compete for regional and national ranking. BRRG also formed the HazMat Crew, our intermediate travel team that competes against other league B-teams, but not for ranking. In 2013 the Burning River All-Stars ranked high enough to participate in WFTDA’s first ever Division II playoff tournament. The All-Stars entered the tournament in the 9th seed, and finished 8th overall.