Burning River Roller Derby (BRRD) is the premier skater-run, flat-track roller derby league in Cleveland, entering its eleventh season. We are a unique and diverse group of 60+ skaters, referees, and stats keepers (all volunteers) with a passion for the sport of roller derby. We are a proud member of the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) and are committed to providing a competitive roller derby program that follow’s WFTDA’s motto of “Real. Strong. Athletic. Revolutionary.” 

Our league colors are blue and orange, though each team within the league has their own colors. We’ve incorporated a theme throughout the league relating to the “burning river” concept, including the travel team names, our logos and the home team championship trophy, the Hazard Cup.

Skaters must pass a skills test during a predetermined recruiting period or transfer from another league to become a member of Burning River Roller Derby.

We have both home teams who play each other in intraleague bouts and travel teams who play against other leagues. Some of these travel team games are sanctioned by WFTDA and count toward our international rankings.


Burning River Roller Derby travels near and far to play roller derby at all levels of play.

Burning River All-Stars is BRRD’s “A” travel team. They are our WFTDA-sanctioned team and primarily play in bouts against other WFTDA-sanctioned teams to count toward their international ranking.

HazMat Crew is BRRD’s “B” travel team. These skaters often play other B teams in double-headers with the All-Stars. They also play other teams within the North Central region, but generally not ones that are WFTDA-sanctioned.

Pyromaniacs is unofficially considered the “C” team of the league. Once part of Burning River Roller Derby, skaters are placed on the Pyromaniacs. From there they may be drafted onto one of our home teams (listed below) or advance to the A or B team through tryouts. They are eligible to play interleague bouts against teams from other cities often in mixed rosters with the HazMat Crew.



Once part of Burning River Roller Derby, skaters are eligible to be drafted to one of four home teams. These teams play each other on our home turf in Cleveland.

Cleveland Steamers: One of BRRD’s four home teams. They wear gold and blue and have a nautical theme. They are the only team with the word “Cleveland” in the name, but all of the teams listed here are from Cleveland.

Hard Knockers: One of BRRD’s four home teams. They wear pink and black, often accented with stars.

Hellbombers: One of BRRD’s four home teams. They wear black and red.

Rolling Pin-Ups: One of BRRD’s four home teams. They wear green and black with white polka dots.


Hopefully that clears things up. Still confused? Don’t worry, just remember that all of these teams are from Cleveland and feel good knowing that you are cheering for a group of hard-working home-town athletes. Go Cleveland!